The National Defense authorization act

The National Defense Authorization Act is a piece of legislation passed by Congress every year. Usually this bill focuses on military allocations and the like but in 2012 lawmakers added two sections: Sections 1021 & 1022. These sections gave the federal government the right to indefinitely detain any American citizen without trial under grounds they are suspected of "terrorism." Check out the video to learn more. 


the national security agency

In 2013, a contractor working for the National Security Agency named Edward Snowden leaked top secret documentation to the American public bringing light to the domestic spying program the NSA had been running behind the scenes for almost a decade. Immediately, the federal government sought to imprison Snowden for treason. Not only are the acts of the NSA in complete violation of our right to privacy, the intention to imprison and prosecute a whistle-blower shows the federal government does not want the public to know the truth. The attached video gives a brief synopsis of the problem. Click here to see the RECURO briefing from 2013.



While the events in Ferguson in 2014 year shed light on the rampant discrimination against minorities by local police forces it shed light on another issue that needs focus: police militarization. Since 1996, the Department of Defense transferred $4.3 billion in military equipment to local and state police. All of these funds under the guise of--you guessed it--terrorism prevention. As John Oliver points out, the program is so ridiculous that it has empowered small cities to utilize military-grade vehicles, weapons, and armor all in the name of "stopping terrorism." Considering the police force exists to protect and interact with the populous at large, the true reason the federal government is arming the police force may be scary. You can learn more about militarization in the video attached.



In 2012, CNN journalist Amber Lyon quit her job as a journalist citing claims that CNN is regularly paid by federal and foreign governments to not air incriminating reports on their news channels. In the video attached, she gives us a great example of the daily war propaganda CNN promoted on behalf of the federal government and cites her reason for stepping down from her prominent journalism position.



Not many people are aware of the day-to-day bombings carried out the Middle East. Not only have there been hundreds of non-violent civilians massacred by drone strikes but the federal government has pushed to make drone killing of American citizens legal as well. In the attached video, John Oliver sheds some light on the horrors of drone policy and what needs to be done about it.



There should be no doubt that the federal government is in complete opposition to your freedom. The 5 reasons listed here paired with the hundreds of other unconstitutional acts by the federal government should make it very clear that we can no longer stand idly by. On a daily basis, our constitutional rights are being chipped away. It's time to take a stand against the tyranny of the government. We must stand for the constitution.