The Problem with School Shootings

As a nation, we've been at actual violent war with an idea instead of a country since 2001. 16 and a half years. People are bombarded with the idea that violence can happen anywhere and at any time, and we should be constantly vigilant to make sure our neighbors aren't terrorists.

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Speaking Freely with Joshua Smith

Tonight on Speaking Freely, Josh, Justin, and Alex talk about drama within the Blackburn for Senate campaign, a bipartisan proposal to reduce job barriers for felons, the recent Porter resignation, as well as some other national proposals. Joshua Smith, the founder of Think Liberty, joins us to discuss his campaign for chairman of the LNC.

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A First-Hand Account of Venezuela in 2018

I’ve read about the deterioration of the Venezuela’s economy, but like most Americans, from the comfort of my home, far away from the suffering. It suddenly became more real to me when I had a conversation with someone who actually lives there. His name is Luis Fernando, and the following is a short interview I did with him online.

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