Speaking Freely with Hannah Cox

In this episode of Speaking Freely, we discuss Alabama Senatorial election tomorrow, the Russian withdrawal from Syria, and the attempted terrorist attack in NYC. Hannah Cox, coordinator with TASMIE, came on the show to discuss the Several Mental Illness Exclusion Bill TASMIE is trying to pass in 2018.

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Dear Bank of America: Stick to Banking

A few weeks ago Bank of America (BoA) notified me that they were going to start and/or raise fees for overseas purchases. I wasn’t particularly thrilled by this because I like to buy things from Canada and China. But what really upset me was the following advertisement on the BoA homepage a few weeks later...

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Speaking Freely with Vito Sagliano

In this episode of Speaking Freely, we discuss the patient who caused an ethical dilemma with a Do No Resuscitate tattoo, an Indiana judge ruling Starbacks cannot close failing stores, the Trump tweet that could potentially bring an obstruction of justice charge, and allegations that Mayor Burchett might be under investigation by the FBI. Vito Sagliano comes by to talk about his campaign for Congress and the government shutdown.

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