Bill Weld Called Out At Memphis Rally

We got to see something special in the world of politics at the Bill Weld Rally in Memphis, TN last night. This event had a significance that's still underestimated, but not for long. In our scripted and shadowy world, politicians create false narratives, planting children for photo ops and using carefully crafted lines with coordinated applause and chants. 

The disingenuousness has fueled such a pervasive apathy in our society that the majority of those who choose not to sit this election out will be voting against the other candidate. People want so badly to be inspired by a leader that they predict a benevolent ruler by the appearance of a bird that lands on his podium

The reality is that our government is not suited for a leader who has all of the solutions to what ails us. Instead, what the Constitution created was a system of self-governance, "of the people and by the people." We need people who are passionate about the direction and governance of their community, people who will self-educate on the issues until they understand them and use that knowledge in order to reverse the course of power consolidation in our country. That is exactly what we saw last night in Memphis.

We saw a man named Cole Ebel, a 31-year-old Iraqi war veteran of eight years, take the stage just before the Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate Bill Weld. With no prior public speaking experience outside of libertarian meetings, Cole delivered an impassioned speech that will give you chills. With fire, he spoke of veterans benefits, the plight of our troops, unending war and war weariness. All of this culminating in a rebuke of Mr. Weld's "I vouch for Hillary" gaffe.

Mr. Ebel is chairman for Smith County Tennessee. He's never held public office and has no current aspirations to do so. He's just a guy that likes hiking and camping and sees the importance of principle and civic duty. We need more Coles in this world, they will be the ones to wrestle authority away from the established power structure in DC. Watch the video. Take back your power.

Cole Ebel's speech from last nights Libertarian rally in Memphis TN

Posted by David Sexton on Thursday, November 3, 2016

Written By:  Justin Cornett (Loudon County LP Chairman)

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