You Will Pay for the Wall

It seems only a couple months ago that the United States was embattled in the highly contentious 2016 election. The reality is, Donald Trump has been in office for over a year and, as such, many of his electoral “promises” are quickly being forgotten and rewritten in the minds of his supporters.

The one thing that excited me about a Trump presidency was the possibility that we could have a political outsider holding the reins for once. However, on issue after issue, Trump has proven himself to be exactly what his base was hoping to reject.

For the sake of time, I want to use this article to address one promise that is quickly being rewritten by Trump and his base: his promise that Mexico will pay for his southern border wall.

Here are Trump’s comments from February 2016:


Ignoring the fact that the “pu**y-grabber-in-chief” is admonishing the President of Mexico for using “f**k” on national television, he very clearly doubled down on his promise that Mexico will cover the almost $18 billion cost of the wall.

Trump’s impossible claim that he will force another sovereign country to cover a domestic spending project was his attempt to obfuscate conservative’s concerns that spending billions of dollars to fix a non-issue is far from a conservative position.

From the beginning, commentators and politicians alike knew Trump’s promise was a lie. It seems that the only people who bought into this lie were the Trump base. As time has progressed, it’s become apparent that Trump himself knows Mexico will not pay for the wall.

Here are Trump’s comments from August 2017:


His tone, towards the middle of 2017, shifted from “Mexico will definitely pay” to “Mexico will probably reimburse us.” And, now, in a document sent to Congress titled “Critical CBP Requirements to Improve Border Security,” the Trump administration is asking Congress to allocate taxpayer money, to the tune of almost $33 billion, to cover the wall and extra border security measures. Not only will this increase federal spending significantly, but the plan seems to ignore proven security measures for the sake of virtue signaling to his anti-immigrant base.

It should be no surprise to US voters that they will be footing the cost of this absurd project. I urge conservative, libertarians, and liberals alike to recognize this promise for what it is: a lie and a $33 billion money-grab from American taxpayers. By making false promises and lying to the American public, Trump is becoming exactly what his base hates: a two-faced politician.

ArticleJoshua Eakle