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Truth About The Insulin Ten Year Challenge

A recent viral fad encouraged Facebook users to post a photo from 2009 next to a current photo from 2019. This trend is being called the Ten Year Challenge. Of course some people began to take it beyond simply pictures of themselves. We can think about other things in our lives that have changed drastically, or not at all, between the last decade.

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ArticleJaron Weidner
An Open Letter to Governor Elect Bill Lee

I was born and raised in Tennessee and I’ve lived there my whole life. Even growing up in the sleepy rural areas, I’ve always been proud of my home state. We have one of the best economies in the country and some of the best people in the world call Tennessee home. Unfortunately, when it comes to the case of Cyntoia Brown, the decisions made do not reflect the values my Tennessee upbringing instilled in me.

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ArticleJesse Fullington
Stemming the Opioid Epidemic with Medical Cannabis

The Tennessee General Assembly will soon reconsider the issue of medical cannabis (marijuana). This is timely, as Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s Director Mark Gwyn said in late 2016, "We had more overdose deaths in the state last year than we had traffic fatalities." Most reasonable people agree it's time to do something about this public health crisis.

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ArticleMatthew Hine