LPTN Makes Progress Towards Ballot Access

As candidates throughout Tennessee push their campaigns into full swing, one candidate is achieving impressive results. Jesse M. Fullington, Libertarian candidate for state representative of the 79th District, has achieved more than a quarter of the signatures needed for fair ballot access.

While Republicans and Democrats are required to collect only 25 signatures, the Libertarian Party must gather 33,844 signatures for statewide equal ballot access. Short of that, candidate Fullington must gather 433 in his district.

Undeterred by this blatant double standard, the Libertarian Party of Tennessee-Delta Region has coalesced around their candidate’s leadership. The campaign team has already gathered 102 signatures and with the deadline almost a year away, they are confident Fullington will be on the ballot to represent the Libertarian Party.

The campaign has received support from not only Libertarians, but also fair-minded Republicans and Democrats in signing the petition. After the Gibson County Fair, where the Fullington campaign had its most successful signature drive to date, Jesse remarked, “The support from individual voters from other parties has been extraordinary. The people of Tennessee understand every voter deserves the opportunity to vote their conscience; they recognize the absurdity of the double standard Libertarians face. Tennessean voters are overwhelmingly in support of the free market of ideas and I look forward to competing in that area.”

Jesse will be attending the Carroll County Fair with his team to gather more signatures and to engage with his voter base. The Carroll County Fair will be held September 16-24 at 201 Mustang Drive, Huntingdon, Tennessee, TN 38344.

For more information on Jesse’s campaign for State Representative of the 79th District call (731) 418-5786 or visit https://www.facebook.com/Fullington4Liberty/

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