Candidate Spotlight: Bob Markli for Farragut, TN Mayor

What initially got you interested in politics? When was this?

Grew up in the 60’s turmoil, Kent State massacre, Viet Nam, protests, Kennedy assassinations, etc. Started reading and observing and have been on an odyssey ever since. Read voraciously Locke, Paine, Blackstone, Magna Carta, Mayflower Compact, Constitution and writings and biographies of the founders, Berkeley, Hume, VonMises, Rothbard, Adam Smith, Friedman, etc.

Tell us about your campaign. What office are you a candidate for?

Mayor of the Town of Farragut.

Which of the former U.S. presidents is your favorite?

Jefferson, Washington, and Jackson.

Are you affiliated with a political party? Why or why not?

I am registered Republican

What intrigues you about local politics?

Politics and religion are really about the only two things that matter outside of family and country.

If you could change one thing in politics, without any opposition, what would you change?

I would start by giving the Senate back to the state legislatures. Next, eliminate the graduated income tax and go to a straight sales tax. Next eliminate the EPA, the Department of Education and the IRS.

ArticleJoshua Eakle