Candidate Spotlight: Vito Sagliano for TN Congress District 2

What initially got you interested in politics? When was this?

My initial interest came from when I was in high school, with our government teacher Mr. Cunningham (Carter High School). It wasn't a jump to the idea, "hey I wanna be..." but more of an eye opener to the positives, and dangers of government.

My main interest came from my time in the military, and wanting to know why our hands regularly became "tied". I hate the answer "just because" or "just how it is" so I started being involved much as legally could.

Tell us about your campaign. What office are you a candidate for?

I am a Candidate for the Second Congressional District.

Our campaign is a simple one. We as a people have not been heard or properly represented in a long time, with our rights progressively being eroded away. I want to bring a voice back to the people of our district, and this nation.

We hear about platforms all day from candidates from all over, and every office... I always get little squinty eyed when there is a lot of talk, but no answers. One thing I am proud to bring to the table is actual answers and solutions. While it may not be a popular answer, there are things I have to admit, I just don't know, or have an answer to. In those situations, I lean on those who do know, to find the proper answer so we handle things properly, than let pride get in the way.

If elected, what would be the first thing you want to accomplish?

I have a few bills drafted already, to start day one. One of them is an anti-corruption bill, and would be the first I would present, and would like to have pushed through smoothly. If they are honest, then there will be no problem... if not, you know who to look for next election cycle to send home.

Which of the former U.S. presidents is your favorite?

President Reagan or President Kennedy.

Are you affiliated with a political party? Why or why not?


While I personally feel parties divide, and takes away from individual's incentive to perform properly as representative, I feel of the parties, they represent the nation, and the people more. I am very Constitutional, and always have carried a copy with me. I regularly given copies to my troops, being they swore an oath to uphold it, and defend this nation. With such I feel anything other than supporting this nation, the constitution, or her people you failed as a representative, where as anything more just adds to you. Personally, I wish they done way with the letter by your name on the ballot, forcing people to look more into the candidates than just select a "Letter". I feel regardless of party, they should endorse an individual, if they feel they meet their party standards, showing people that you can have more than one view, serving the people more properly.

What intrigues you about local politics?

If done properly, the ability to give a voice to the people.

If you could change one thing in politics, without any opposition, what would you change?

Remove corruption.

ArticleJoshua Eakle