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Carnage in Carthage, TN

Cole Ebel is a man on a mission. Since being elected to the Carthage City Council last year, he has been digging into the bones of the city budget. It hasn’t been easy, as he has had to fight against an entrenched city bureaucracy every step of the way. The recent fight on the Carthage city budget has been no exception.

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Murfreesboro City Council Raises Taxes Again

On Thursday June 12th, the Murfreesboro city council passed a 35% property tax increase. The council has reportedly been working on this budget since February, but only revealed the plan and the proposed property tax increase in May. Since then, there have been at most three solicitations for public comment. Not once. Clearly, the process has not been an exercise in transparency.

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A Case Of Special Interest Worth Watching

Special Interest in Tennessee means special privilege for the special few. We see this play out in a variety of ways. None screams of protectionism and constitutional perversion more so than the law that was customized by Tennessee legislators to protect the liquor retailers from new competition. You would think, with a new supermajority of conservatives, this would be changing.

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