We Need Your Help to Kill Civil Asset Forfeiture in TN

It is hard for some people to believe that in the U.S., including TN, you can have your property taken solely based on the suspicion of one government employee and never even be charged with a crime! 

Yet, it happens to innocent people every day. Fortunately, TN House Bill 340 would make real changes to civil asset forfeiture (CAF) by supporting due process at the state level and effectively stopping the federal government's equitable sharing program from victimizing innocent Tennesseans.

Iā€™m happy to tell you that support continues to build for meaningful CAF reform with 28 cosponsors on HB340.

Currently a bipartisan coalition is supporting HB340 including representatives Daniel, Todd, Griffey, Lafferty, Staples, Faison, Terry, Holt, Hill T, Hill M, Rudder, Hall, Parkinson, Sexton J, DeBerry, Jernigan, Hulsey, Hardaway, Lamar, Hodges, Potts, Thompson, Hakeem, Calfee, Dixie, Bricken, Rudd, and Dunn.

Your help today will continue the momentum to restore due process and protect innocent Tennesseans. 

Please continue to build momentum for HB340 by contacting your state representative, and representatives you know, and demanding they support and co-sponsor this bill.

If you have recently moved or do not know who your state representative is you can click the button below.

Once there type your address in "Find My Legislator" then click search. From there your state representative should appear with their contact information. Or if you prefer scroll down on the website and find your house district on the map and click on the district.

HB340 will enact meaningful CAF reform with additional due process for innocent Tennesseans and will severely restrict the federal government's equitable sharing program from undermining our state laws.

Please do not underestimate your voice or impact! It is committed groups of individuals, like you, that have changed the world.

P.S. With 28 cosponsors already we need to build upon the support we have for actual CAF reform. Click on link above, contact your state representative, and support HB340.

ArticleErik Waitr