We Need Your Help NOW to End Civil Forfeiture in TN

Do you have a few minutes to defend your rights and help protect innocent Tennesseans? Because today your action is needed!

It is hard for some people to believe that in the U.S., including TN, you can have your property taken solely based on the suspicion of 1 government employee and never even be charged with a crime! 

Yet, it happens to innocent people every day. Fortunately, House Bill 340 would make real changes to civil asset forfeiture by supporting due process at the state level and effectively stopping the federal government's equitable sharing program from victimizing innocent Tennesseans.

Your help is needed today! Currently HB340 is assigned to the House Civil Justice Subcommittee and must be approved by it before the bill can be considered further. The vote is expected to happen soon!

Please click on each of the email addresses below and a draft email in support of HB340 will appear from you to the state representative. Then click send. 

Garrett, Johnny - rep.johnny.garrett@capitol.tn.gov - (615) 741-3893    
Howell, Dan - rep.dan.howell@capitol.tn.gov - (615) 741-7799    
Towns, Joe - rep.joe.towns@capitol.tn.gov - (615) 741-2189    
Carter, Mike - rep.mike.carter@capitol.tn.gov - (615) 741-3025    
Curcio, Michael - rep.michael.curcio@capitol.tn.gov - (615) 741-3513    
Beck, Bill - rep.bill.beck@capitol.tn.gov - (615) 741-3229    

It's that easy and feel free to edit to make your message personal. To help make your voice heard give a follow up call.

Your voice does have an impact! It is committed groups of individuals, like you, that have changed the world.

Thank you for your efforts to help protect property rights, due process, and innocent Tennesseans!

ArticleErik Waitr