Have We Forgotten About Brad Anders’ History?

With Brad Anders running for Knox County Mayor, Knoxvillians would be wise to remember the former Police Lieutenant’s involvement in the gruesome beating of the mentally ill Michael Allen Mallicoat in 2013.

As reported in the Knoxville News Sentinel, Mr. Mallicoat, now the benefactor of a $200,000 settlement, was beaten and kicked while handcuffed and hogtied in a North Knoxville neighborhood. The Sentinel described Mallicoat’s beating as follows:

“The [police] trio’s actions were captured on in-cruiser video down to the spray of blood onto the windshield of a cruiser as Compton pounded a handcuffed Mallicoat’s head against the hood of the car. Audio recordings accompanying that video also captured the officers threatening to continue their attack on Mallicoat even as a hogtied Mallicoat could be heard moaning in pain and asking Jinnett, who stood on Mallicoat’s back, to get off.”

Three of the officers involved plead guilty to misdemeanor assault and felony official oppression. Chief David Rausch suspended several officers and reprimanded three supervisors, one of which was Brad Anders. According to PoliceOne.com, Anders approved the deceitful use of force reports without having viewed any of the videos, and received a written reprimand from the Chief.

While it seems the video evidence has now been removed from YouTube and the News Sentinel article removed from their site, we must not forget the torment Mr. Mallicoat suffered at the hands of KPD, or that Anders approved the gratuitous use of force due to allegedly “not seeing the videos.”

It seems to me that Anders either saw the video and assumed it was acceptable, or he was unbelievably irresponsible by not thoroughly investigating the incident. Either way, it shows a failure of leadership. With such a history, can you really say that he would be the best candidate for mayor? I say, “No.”

Edit: We've been able to source the raw video of the incident. Watch here:

ArticleJoshua Eakle