Jesse M. Fullington: Press Release

For Immediate Release

August 14th, 2017

This Saturday, August 19th, from 12-5, the Libertarian Party of Coffee County will host a Liberty Weenie Roast. State representative candidate Jesse M. Fullington will be there to speak about enhanced voter choice and to introduce Libertarian Party of Tennessee (LPTN) Secretary Dave Jones.

From the beginning of his campaign, Jesse has made it his mission to gain exposure for the Libertarian Party and to recruit candidates to join him on the ballot.

“Our goal is to present a united front against the state-sponsored parties and their damaging policies. To make positive change in Tennessee, our voters need more choices on the ballot. We will recruit candidates, gather local support, and as a candidate, I will be at the front of those initiatives.”

Jesse is working to gather enough signatures for the state to recognize his candidacy as a Libertarian and is committed to supporting Libertarians across the state in their efforts to achieve ballot access. The state of Tennessee requires state-sponsored parties (Democrats and Republicans) and those choosing to run independently of any party to gather 25 signatures to run. Any candidate choosing to run with any other party must gather and submit signatures equal to 2.5% of the state’s last gubernatorial vote. The most recent count requires 33,844 signatures for candidates seeking nomination in parties such as the Libertarian Party.

The event will be held at Waggoner Memorial Park, Highway 55, Tullahoma, TN, 37388.

For more information on Jesse’s campaign for State Representative of the 79th District call (731)-418-5786 or visit

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