Libertarians on the Ballot in November

With the November midterms upon us, The Libertarian Party of Tennessee would like to reintroduce our candidates on the ballot this fall.

Federal and State Races

Here are the candidates on the ballot in November:

Greg Samples – Congress 2nd District

David Ross – Congress 6th District

Zack Houk – State Representative District 13

Randell Stroud – State Representative District 51

Governor’s Race

In conjunction with these candidates, members of the Libertarian Party of Tennessee (LPTN) approved an initiative to nominate over a dozen candidates for Governor to draw attention to the irrational ballot access laws of Tennessee.

With 25 signatures required to run as a Republican, Democrat, or Independent, and 33,844 required to run as a 3rd Party, Libertarian Gubernatorial candidates across the state have decided to seek the office running on a shared platform: “make elections free and equal.”

Here are the candidates seeking the office of Governor on a “free and equal” election platform:

  • Sherry L. Clark

  • Gabriel Fancher

  • Sean Bruce Fleming

  • William Andrew Helmstetter

  • Cory King

  • Matthew Koch

  • Alfred Shawn Rapoza

  • Heather Scott

  • George Blackwell Smith IV

  • Jeremy Allen Stephenson

  • Tracy Yaste Tisdale

  • Mike Toews

  • Vinnie Vineyard

  • Jaron D. Weidner

ArticleJoshua Eakle