Candidate Spotlight: Lemichael Wilson for Memphis Mayor

What initially got you interested in politics? When was this?

I never really had an interest in politics, but I have always followed the political mechanics while living in Chicago. When I returned to Memphis, I saw a large population of citizens who were intentionally marginalized and alienated. And, the elected officials did not seem to have raise the floor for citizens’ as a priority. I then began to probe more into the political landscape in Memphis, and was very disturbed by what I discovered.

Tell us about your campaign. What office are you a candidate for?

Mayor, City of Memphis. My campaign slogan is, “MEMPHIS: The Gateway to New Beginnings.” This is more than just a slogan; it is the vision to make Memphis a magnet of opportunities for young people and families, and a more hopeful place for those who have been left behind. For over two years I have connected with citizens to hear the concerns and share the vision. Along the way I have asked everyone for their: insight, involvement, influence and investment. The campaign has really been focused on the messaging of a citizen-first style of government – that decision regarding economic development, ordinances, etc. should be guided by the citizens, and not elected officials.

If elected, what would be the first thing you want to accomplish?

Raising the morale of citizens, and more engagement from citizens. There are a host of issues and concerns that affect the daily lives of people in the residential and commercial sectors. Citizens should have more influence in the decision-making throughout the city. I will immediately have the metal detectors removed from city hall; remove all of the individuals appointed to the various boards and committees – and allow the citizens to make nominations on who they desire to represent them; make sure that third shift workers have access to public transportation to get home after work; freeze on awarded any new corporate tax subsidies and concessions; firing the police director . . . most important, just keeping citizens first.

Are you affiliated with a political party? Why or why not?

Not until most recently I joined the Libertarian Party of Tennessee. Prior to that I had not affiliation with an organized political party. However, my personal ideologies have been aligned with the Libertarian and Green parties.

What intrigues you about local politics?


If you could change one thing in politics, without any opposition, what would you change?

Ending political parties. Let citizens elect individuals to represent their interests at the government levels on a non-partisan basis.

ArticleJoshua Eakle