Multiple Libertarians Win Public Office in Tennessee

Last night was a great night for the Libertarian Party in Tennessee. With candidates running across the state, the fledgling party saw several of their members elected to public office. In conjunction with this, there were several Libertarian campaigns that received notable vote totals. Not to mention, a notable "small L" libertarian won his race as a Republican.

With the party currently denied ballot access in the state of Tennessee, these candidates appeared on the ballot as "Independents" or ran in non partisan races.

The following Libertarian candidates were elected to public office:

Erika Ebel

Elected as a County Commissioner in Smith County District 4.


Joshua Beal

elected as a County Commissioner in Montgomery County District 14.


Stephen Chambers

Elected as Mayor of Trousdale County.


Charlotte Bowers

Elected as Roane County Commissioner.


The following Libertarian candidates received over 20% of the vote:


Chris Silver

Received over 20% of the vote for Anderson County Commission District 5.


Joey Dasinger

Received over 30% of the vote for Montgomery County Commission.


The following candidates are libertarian leaning:

Glenn Jacobs

Elected as Knox County Mayor.

ArticleJoshua Eakle