Socialists To Blame For All They Hate About Capitalism

What do socialist-minded people hate? They hate that a small group of people have the majority of the wealth. But, they love legislation that takes wealth away from a lot of people and gives it to a small group of people in government.

What do socialist-minded people hate? They hate that a small group of people have the majority of the power. But, they love legislation that takes power and freedom away from individuals and gives it to a small group of people in the government.

The left- and socialist-minded people predictably implement only two solutions for every conceivable problem: tax more and centralize power more, which creates the unemployment, poverty, income inequality that they hate. But they blame the fruits of their terrible policies on free-market capitalism and the US Constitution.

If there is high unemployment? "Just allow the government to take more of your money, and unemployment will go away,” they say. So, the government taxes the economy, taking more money out of the economy, which slows the production of goods and services in the private economy, lowering business profits. This, in turn, leads to layoffs. 

Statists (those who favor government solutions for all real and perceived ills) use the high unemployment and poverty numbers as leverage for more taxation to take care of the needy, which leads to the government increasing taxes again, which takes more money out of the economy, which slows production down even more in the economy, which leads to businesses bringing in even less revenue, which leads to more layoffs, which leads to more unemployment. And then the vicious cycle starts over. So statists create the problems they hate, but they don't realize it.

Liberals and socialists think that more money to the government will help the common man and woman. But 8 years of President Barack Obama and the statists in both parties in Congress increased the federal revenue by an unprecedented average of $3 trillion annually, while the economy itself grew at a tiny average of 1.2% annually, which was a record low. (The U.S economy never saw over 3% GDP in any year of the Obama Presidency, which hasn’t happened to any president since the GDP was tracked.)

In Obama’s 8 years, the statists increased taxation to help the poor, only to have 10.7 million more people become dependent on food stamps.

The statists also increased the federal regulations on the economy from 81,405 pages to over 97,000 pages in the Federal Register to “help” the common man and woman and put a check on big business, only to increase the total amount of people out of the labor force from about 81 million to over 95 million, and widen the gap between the rich and poor.

The statists permitted the Federal Reserve Bank to create $850 billion dollars in the Federal Government's Stimulus Package, and then another $85 billion each month for corporations on Wall Street in order to stimulate the economy. What happened to American taxpayers? Our debt soared from $9.9 trillion to $19 trillion in 8 years, while GDP increased an average of less than 2% annually.

Statists pander to African-Americans, Hispanics, women, and other minorities, but statist policies —higher taxes, more regulations, monetary policy—hurt these very same people with more unemployment, less production, more poverty, and more income inequality.

California has a 61.5% non-white population, but California has the highest poverty rate of any state at 20%, which means millions of African-Americans, Hispanics, and other minorities live in poverty in California. And the state of California has been run by big-government statists for decades! Instead of realizing that their actions are causing their own problems, they just blame free-market capitalism and the US Constitution and advocate for more of the very policies that created the problems in the first place.

The U.S. Government is involved in everything in today’s society, having expanded its roles and powers to an all-time extreme. It ran guns to drug lords in Mexico, gives U.S. dollars to terrorist groups overseas, and further enriches some of the wealthiest families in the world. It is time to limit the size, scope, and influence of government, and return it to its more modest role: protecting individual freedom—freedom that can benefit everybody, including minorities.
The government’s job should be to protect the lives and rights of individuals. It’s with this freedom that people have the potential to create a better life for themselves and for their fellow man and woman, using their their skills, intellect, compassion, and motivation to serve one another.

ArticleKeith L Vencel II