Statism, a Cause of Chaos Among Black Americans

A significant percentage of black Americans are in great need, and many politicians and organizations are searching for ways to help:

  • The unemployment rate among blacks is nearly double the national average at over 7%.
  • 27.4% of blacks are in poverty, the highest of any racial or ethnic group.
  • 34% of the total correctional population in America is made up of blacks.
  • Only 12% of blacks who took the ACT met the ACT College Readiness Benchmark for science, a mere 34% for English, and a paltry 14% for math.

What’s lead to this chaos? The results may be surprising. 75% of the blacks (24 million) live in 44 cities in America, 40 of which have Democratic mayors. And 23 of those 40 cities have had Democrat mayors for 47 years straight or longer.

Leftist statism is in full effect in the cities where black Americans live, and it’s causing chaos for them. Those economies are managed by statists; the laws that put blacks behind bars are created by statists; the schools that blacks attend are run by statists. Statism has and continues to fail black Americans.

Statism breeds big-government policies; policies that take money from the people, and put it in the hands of bureaucrats; policies that take freedom and rights from the people, and centralizes it to the government. Whether under Democratic or Republican government, policies that transfer money and power to the state hurts everyone, including blacks.

Statists work hard to convince black Americans that bigger and more powerful government agencies will allow black America to thrive, but the exact opposite is true. For example, there were over 96,000 pages of the Federal Register (the government book of all federal regulations) at the end of 2016. Yet the unemployment rate among blacks was 8.4% nationwide in 2016, nearly twice as high as the national average. Likewise, as the size of government programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid has increased, the quality of life for blacks is arguably worse. And, perhaps most ironically, some portion of tax dollars always ends up in the pockets of major corporations, usually run by rich white men.

In contrast, libertarians and many conservatives advocate for free-market capitalism, which prohibits all forms of corporate welfare, keeping more money in the pockets of blacks and all other taxpayers.

Free-market policies protect the economy and allow businesses run by blacks and those businesses relied upon by black communities to produce, earn money, and compete. They also prevent market distortions such as corporate subsidies, regulations, and things that help the rich elites at the expense of everyone else.

Policies that respect the Bill of Rights would also help blacks by protecting their natural rights. For instance, policies upholding the Second Amendment would allow blacks to protect themselves from all aggressors; and policies upholding the Fourth and Fifth Amendments would prevent police from seizing property through civil asset forfeiture, and would stop elite bankers from stealing wealth through monetary inflation.

Limiting the size, scope, power, and influence of the government is imperative to protecting the rights of the blacks—and all people—and allowing them to flourish. Leftist policies must be discarded to make way for conservative and libertarian policies that keep money and power in the hands of the people.


The unemployment rate is…7%

27.4% of African Americans are in poverty

34% of the total incarceration population is made up of African Americans

Only 12% of African Americans meet college readiness standards

75% of the African American Community lives in 44 cities in America

The Federal Registrar is over 95,000 pages

Unemployment rate of the African American community was 8.4% in 2016 

ArticleKeith L Vencel II