The Problem with School Shootings

Another school shooting.

Let's unpack this a little bit.

As a nation, we've been at actual violent war with an idea instead of a country since 2001. 16 and a half years. People are bombarded with the idea that violence can happen anywhere and at any time, and we should be constantly vigilant to make sure our neighbors aren't terrorists. We've been sending our young men and women overseas to fight an ever more amorphous enemy all over the globe.

Our schools are modeled on prisons. Kids get less time in the sun than prisoners every day. We dumb school down so that it's only about passing standardized tests, and not about the joy of learning. Kids have all the joy sucked from their lives. Even all their time at home is filled with mindless busy work, so they either don't have free time, or they learn they're poor students when they don't fill that free time with pointless exercises.

We increasingly medicate kids for finding that situation untenable.Suicidal thoughts and depression are side effects of the medications that treat depression and ADHD.

Are school shootings a problem? No. They're a symptom. The problem is hopelessness. Maybe we should get back to the 1 room schoolhouse neighborhood model of schooling, where kids can help each other, and teachers teach how to learn, not what's on the test.

ArticleDaniel Blanchat