The Significance of the Bradley Manning Trial

“Under perverted forms of government, justice does not go far...” - Aristotle
Do you remember Bradley Manning?

Back in 2010, Bradley Manning was the whistle-blower credited for leaking 700,000 government documents including this video named by some “Collateral Murder.”
\ In this video, you see the United States Military firing on unarmed reporters and
civilians. It exposed the war crimes of the US Government and sparked revolution,
frustration, and outrage across the globe.

For exposing and confronting the crimes of the State, Bradley Manning was arrested in
May 2010 and has been imprisoned since that time.

Originally, Manning was charged with 22 offenses. He pled guilty to 10 lesser offenses.
He was charged with aiding the enemy, it was the first time in US Military History
someone was charged with this after giving classified info to the media for the public

In the end, “...Manning, 25, [was] convicted of 20 charges in total, including theft and
computer fraud.”1

These charges pose a very real threat to the freedom of the press. Essentially, the
Manning trial turns all leaks and whistle-blowing into a form of treason.

He’s currently convicted for what could be up to 136 years in prison.2
Ladies and Gentlemen, this issue has transcended party, affiliation, creed, and race.
This is an attack on all of us.

Thomas Jefferson said, “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”
Now that the facts have been presented, it’s time to ask yourself: with all this injustice
going on in America, is this the America you’re prepared to accept?



The true definition of an American has been tarnished. Americans used to stand for
freedom, liberty, equality, common sense.

We’re setting an ultimatum.

We will not be Americans if being an American means we have to embrace prosecuting
a hero for exposing the US Government’s war crimes.

We will not be Americans if being an American means that we uphold a corrupt state
comprised of an elite ruling class.

We will not be Americans if being American means that we stand idly by as the
intentions of the founding fathers are cast aside to make way for a corrupt, greedy,
political atrocity.

We will not be Americans if being an American means watching our government use our
tax money to wage war on impoverished nations for financial gain.


Aristotle expressed that there are two types of justice; Political and Natural. Our once-
great nation was founded on the principle of preserving natural justice by ensuring rights to all men. But now the government machine is faulty, broken and enforces heinous,
inhumane actions, all of which are backed by a corrupted form of political rule.

The justice which is upheld in our nation’s courts today is only a petty, perverse
interpretation of political justice. Political justice being something only made valid if it is
voted and agreed upon by those who call the nation their home: the citizens.

The citizens of this troubled nation have faltered and strayed away from their inalienable
rights. The citizens have become no more than mere consumers who’s only worries
pertain to enjoyment and fancy. It is becoming increasingly apparent, that the American
citizens have no say in their government and have surrendered their natural rights.

We will not be held guilty by association. This is not the America it once was.

We will not be an Americans if being an American means that we are only mindless
sheep being led to slaughter.

No, we have woken up, we will not be defined as Americans...

We are liberty-minded individuals aware of the rights we are entitled to.

In the face of opposition, we will defend the constitution, even if the ruling powers won’t.
We will not be shaken, we will not stand down, we will fight for the preservation of
America and will do so under the pain of death.

Justice for Bradley Manning!

Join us in the revolution to restore our rights!

VideoJoshua Eakle