TN Libertarians Asked To Leave During National Park Cleanup

Libertarian activists and volunteers from around Shiloh volunteered today to pick up trash and brush at Shiloh National Military Park. Midway through the initiative, were asked by Park Rangers to leave the property and cease their volunteer work.

A representative from the Delta Region Libertarian Party reported:

We as the Libertarian Party of Tennessee Delta Region planned a volunteer effort to clean Shiloh National Military Park. This is apart of a massive effort conducted throughout the US to help keep our parks clean during the government shutdown.

No group of volunteers has been stopped throughout this nationwide effort until today. We were told about 30 minutes into our cleaning that we were not officially “volunteers” and would have to stop. We attempted to reason with the park ranger however he blatantly told us that even walking along side the walkways and picking up trash was prohibited….

The Libertarian Party is a party that centers on volunteerism and helping our community. It is a shame in the “Volunteer State” we are stopped from volunteering.”

Check out the companion video as well:

VideoJoshua Eakle