Trump Betrays 2nd Amendment

As a Trump supporter and voter, I’m starting to see that he may not be as reliable as I thought. After the terrible shooting in Parkland Florida, the President is being pressured by almost everyone around him. The pressure of gun laws has finally placed President Trump in a dangerous position.

President Trump has advocated, since his campaign, for the right to carry and has advocated continuing with the status quo. He has even considered putting in place new federal laws for conceal and carry. But after last week’s tragic events, the President has changed his tone.

President Trump, on Tuesday, directed Attorney General Jeff Sessions to craft new regulations to ban firearm modifiers including “bump stocks” which many say is a bipartisan move to help solve America’s gun issues. As well as banning firearm modifiers, he is also considering raising the legal age to attain a weapon. This, my friends, is complete malarkey.

If the President really wanted to help solve this issue, he would allow those in the “gun-free zones” to carry weapons of their own, he would seek to push conceal and carry laws across state lines, he would understand that banning a “bump stock” does absolutely nothing, and he would stand up and fight for American’s right to protect themselves and others.

This President has faulted on his promise to the America people.

This President is not protecting the rights of the American people, he is simply giving into pressure from emotion and not using common sense.

He has started a trend that Democrats and so-called “Republicans” will use to not only justify limiting our ability to protect ourselves, but also the choices we have to do so. Do not take this lightly: I believe that these concessions will turn into something bigger and more dangerous than ever.

ArticleAlexander Shaw