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Joshua Eakle


Joshua Eakle is the Chairman of the Knox County Libertarian Party and the founder of RECURO.org. With a background in technology and digital advertising, reaching people is Joshua’s passion. Through a variety of digital and in-print marketing mechanisms, Josh's many marketing projects have reached tens of millions of people across the world for a variety of different causes.


Alex Shaw


Alex Shaw is the host of The Classical Liberal podcast. Always surrounded with politics, Alex has always been searching for a way to help his fellow Americans. From the political philosophy of Classical Liberalism, he hopes to inspire, promote freedom, political equality, limited government, the free market, and a faith in reason and progress. He currently holds a degree from Marion Military Institution and the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.


Jaron Weidner

vp of marketing

Jaron is the Memphis Regional Chair of the Libertarian Party of Tennessee and a local ambassador for the Beacon Center of Tennessee.  While his background has been more rooted in music marketing, he has become increasingly involved in politics with an interest in criminal justice reform as well as free market economics. He has a degree in music business, and is also a small business owner in Memphis, TN.


Justin Cornett


Justin Cornett is the Regional Coordinator for the Knoxville Region Libertarian Party and Chairman of the Loudon County Libertarian Party. He currently works as a Property & Casualty Insurance Agent with Allstate. As a former constitutional conservative turned Libertarian, Justin brings constitutionality into all of his assessments of public policy and believes returning the country to constitutional principals is our best path forward.

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Michael Clark


Michael Clark is a 20-yr writer and editor with an educational background in rhetoric and communication. He's worked with technology during his whole career but specifically in the medical imaging field for most of the last decade. Michael champions the Austrian school of economics, and passionately promotes and defends the libertarian concept of property rights on both philosophical and practical grounds, but most vigorously on philosophical grounds.

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